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Gloucester, NSW 2422

St Joseph's School is a small Catholic Primary School located in the heart of Gloucester. There are three classrooms, consisting of composite class structures. Because of our small class sizes, we boast inclusive education, designed to meet the individual learning needs of all our students. All our children have access to the added assistance of Learning Support Officers to enhance their learning and to assist the classroom teachers meet the needs of every child, regardless of academic ability.

Staff and students have access to the latest technology to enhance learning, including ipads, laptops, smart boards and video conferencing facilities. This technology enables the students to access the wider world, including classrooms in locations other than Gloucester. We are proudly associated with other Catholic Schools in the Manning Region, including St Clare's High School in Taree, implementing and accessing the Region's Gifted and Talented Program in Mathematics. Video conferencing enables our students to be a part of a virtual classroom as they build upon their skills in Mathematics, with like minded students in other locations.

St Joseph's offers a variety of sporting opportunities for students, with many representing at PSSA level in athletics and swimming. We are very proud of the achievements of our Athletes with Disabilities, as they progress through the various stages of competition, including state representation. Weekly sport programs are assisted by Sporting Schools Australia and all the children are given opportunites to develop skills in a variety of sports, including golf, tennis, hockey and union. All children take part in the yearly swim program.

St Joseph's offers a variety of cultural activities also. We have access to the Diocesan ASPIRE program that recognises the talents of students in the area of performing arts. Children take part in many school based assemblies and performances, utilising our school hall and surrounds. We proudly display our artworks at the local gallery and other public domains as the opportunity arises. Children in all stages participate in the Diocesan Public Speaking Competition and the students in Stage 3 have the opportunity to participate in the Diocesan Debating Competition if they wish.

St Joseph's is a small school, staffed by a very committed team dedicated to delivering a quality education to all our students.

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